The Dunnville Farmers' Market, founded in 1893, is one of Haldimand’s oldest operating farmers’ markets. It serves the citizens of Dunnville, the County of Haldimand, Dunnville and County tourists and the neighboring communities.  The Dunnville Farmers' Market takes great pride in its heritage and wishes to ensure its future. It is a valuable asset to the community and the Dunnville Farmers’ Market is   dedicated to the preservation of these principles:


  • The Dunnville Farmers' Market Association and all its vendors shall actively participate to maintain the highest standard of produce and products offered to the public.
  • The Dunnville Farmers' Market Association and all of its vendors shall undertake the obligation to ensure that fellow vendors, customers and the public enjoy an environment free of harassment, either physical or verbal, such as. abusive or inappropriate language, abusive or inappropriate physical actions, directed from one to another vendor or directed from a vendor to a member of the public.
  • The Dunnville Farmers' Market Association and all its vendors shall assume the responsibility to maintain a standard of cleanliness in the area of their allocated stalls and the market in general
  • The Dunnville Farmers' Market Association and each of its vendors shall respect and ensure the safety of the public by not obstructing pedestrian walkways parking areas and roadways
  • To insure the above principles are followed, the Dunnville Farmers' Market Association and its members shall have the power to institute disciplinary and or corrective proceedings



The Dunnville Farmers’ Market was established in 1893 by a non-profit group created for local farmers by local farmers.  All our farmers and artisans live within 100 km of Haldimand County and bring fresh quality produce, value-added farm products, and artisan crafts to market two days a week.

The Dunnville Farmers’ Market is vendor run and operated by our members.  Every dollar spent by customers goes directly to our farmers and vendors.