Market Now Open!

We are now open Saturday and Tuesdays from 7am till noon.

Almost all of our vendors have or will be returning over the next few weeks.

In these challenging times our market operations have to change to ensure you our customers and the vendors safety.  We know this will not be easy as our market is usually very social and a hospitable place.  But with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not business as usual. Therefore,  We have had to  removed our food truck vendor,  and at this time we will not  be providing  children’s activities, washrooms,  seating, or entertainment

We have physical distancing in place and a few restrictions.

Be patient with us while we all adjust to this new model. We'll get there with your kind cooperation and patience. Please be kind to our volunteers who are manning the entry and exit area.  They have volunteered so we can be open, without them we could not service you our wonderful customers.

Essential Protocols:

Controlled Entrance
Sanitizer At Entrance and at each vendor table
Exit controlled please follow the areas on the floor
One way traffic flow
Shop Alone
Limit Browsing
Know What You Want
No touching of produce or products.  The vendor will get everything you want.
Sorry no social gatherings  please take that to the parking lot area
Physically Distance all the time
Leave your pets at home
Cover your mouth and nose
If you are feeling unwell, stay home. Help slow the spread of COVID-19. Better safe than sorry.

Thank you for supporting our market and our farmers.  We are excited to see you again!







Since 1993

Open Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 am until 12 noon.

About Dunnville Farmers' Market

Dunnville is a picturesque community of 12,000 people located along the beautiful Grand River on Highway #3, between the Niagara and Hamilton Regions, and less than a hour away from the U.S. border.

A diverse market established in 1860, the Dunnville Farmers' Market boasts of variety and freshness.

So come wander around our vibrant market on a Saturday or Tuesday morning from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. March until the end of December and fill your market basket with goodness and EAT LOCAL!


Join us or visit us! You wont be disappointed.

Dunnville Farmers' Market encourages new vendors to come out and give our market a try. For additional information contact us or come out and talk to someone at the Market on market day, Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 7am - noon.