Since 1893

Open Saturdays from 7am until 12 noon                   

Tuesdays 2pm -7pm

About Dunnville Farmers' Market

Dunnville is a picturesque community of 12,000 people located along the beautiful Grand River on Highway #3, between the Niagara and Hamilton Regions, and less than a hour away from the U.S. border.

A diverse market established in 1893, the Dunnville Farmers' Market boasts of variety and freshness.

So come wander around our vibrant market on a Saturday morning from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Or Tuesdays from 2pm till 7pm. April until the end of December and fill your market basket with goodness and EAT LOCAL!


The Dunnville Farmers’ Market was established in 1893 by a non-profit group created for local farmers by local farmers.  All our farmers and artisans live within 100 km of Haldimand County and bring fresh quality produce, value-added farm products, and artisan crafts to market two days a week.

The Dunnville Farmers’ Market is vendor run and operated by our members.  Every dollar spent by customers goes directly to our farmers and vendors.

Our Mission

  • The Dunnville Farmers’ Market mission is to create and maintain a market that supports farmers and our community
  • To expand and enhance the economic strength and viability of farmers within Haldimand County and the surrounding area, and
  • To contribute to the education and health of Dunnville and Haldimand County residents.

Our Goals

  • Create and increase opportunities for farmers to sell their products directly to consumers
  • Create and increase consumers’ opportunities to buy local products directly from farmers to their tables
  • Provide a vehicle to educate the community on the nutritional, environmental, and economic value of buying local, sustainably produced farm products.
  • Bring together families, neighbors, visitors, and local food producers to create a sense of community and create a social gathering place within our community.
  • Create and increase opportunities to make our market location a destination for tourists and visitors.

Join us or visit us! You wont be disappointed.

Dunnville Farmers' Market encourages new vendors to come out and give our market a try. For additional information contact us or come out and talk to someone at the Market on market day, Saturday mornings from 7am - noon.  Tuesday 2pm-7pm.